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Changed Our Company Name To Reflect An Expanded Vision

Over the past four years, the way users consume software has changed dramatically. We’ve moved from the world of traditional software, to one in which we’re surrounded by apps whether at home, at work ,at play and on the road. Apps run everywhere, all the time and on countless device form factors – from smart phones to smart TVs to smart watches. As this new reality evolves, a company’s fortunes are increasingly tied to their apps. At the same time, switching costs are vanishing in most industries, and thanks to social and app stores, users now determine which apps win and which apps fail. Thus, the only way for brands to defend and differentiate is to delight users with every touch point across their brand, including their digital experiences. Every single app, every new version.

We started 4 years back like any other web development company and build a decent client base over the years, during these years we grew in both in quantity and quality. Our days starts with cheerful team meeting, each team member states what tasks they are working on, and what is blocking them from being successful. Meeting ends when everyone knows what they are working on and how they can unblock another team member, as these meeting are always exciting. Our day ends in the first one year are more disappointments or under achieved task, we survived those phases. Now even our days ends with same spirit as it was started. That gives me a feeling of growing as a group.