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Mobile Apps Services

Mobile hybrid mobile app development with Ionic/AngularJS

There are lot of frameworks in the market for hybrid mobile application development these days. If you are no familiar with hybrid apps, hybrid mobile application development is some means to create responsive mobile web app and build them into platform specific containers to run on any device. The best outcome for such an mobile application development approach is one it will have Cross Platform applicability, i.e. no need of separate native application like iOS or Android. And the other , it gives developers time to fully focus on their idea and its design, rather than putting all the time and effort to handle it for different platform.

Android Applications

Our expert Android Developers use latest SDK and are proficient in developing custom Android applications which are customer centric, and serves clients specific needs. You bring any idea concept, Crea2 can turn your vision and ideas into the reality.

iOS Applications

iPhone customers became very significant group of mobile users . And iOS app is an essential for any business to grow, it can cannot be treated as an optional solution. We are ready to create excellent iOS app for your specific needs, from development strategy to implementation process.