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Old getting young – Give them tabs

Gone are the days, where most of our older generations spent most of their time feeling lonely, even with too many people around. They now realize, fun and knowledge are things which can’t be ignored with age. As Mark Twain said “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.

As the recent demographic study in USA, by Pew research center, shows

  • 64% of user aged 50 to 64 and 48% of 65 and older are active users on Facebook.
  • 22% Of Pinterest users are above 50, and 14% are of age 60+
  • 20% of Instagram users are 50+

By above statistics, we can’t rule out same level of statistics in India in coming future, although we can’t match those in percentages, considering our population, but think we can in numbers.

Potential Marketing targets

Most advertiser’s and campaign Social Media Marketing managers ignore this age group too. Lets take an example of application-based cab services, there is an increased usage in the age group 50+, because it provides them the dignity to live on their own. But we hardly see any promotions targeting 50+ age groups.

In one of the town-hall talks, Gary Vaynerchuk discusses about youthification of the old, where he quotes a statistic which shows that number 1 group on instagram who takes selfies are of the age group above 35-55. Which signifies the fact that the elderly are going to be a significant user base for any social media platform. Also these are the groups which cannot be ignored by campaign managers or Social media marketers.

Two takeaways;

If you are daughter or son, empower your parents or grandparents, give them a tab. Educate them on how to use apps and thus make them independent.

If you are a Social Media Marketing company, realize the potential of this age group, and target them effectively.