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Social Media Marketing advantages for schools

While working closely with some of schools in Hyderabad, We found one of the main issues most school seems to be facing these days is admissions. It’s getting difficult by each passing day to get full strength to the schools, due to immense competition in this industry. And yes almost most of the top 10 schools will be filled up in 2-3 days from the start, due to their brand value. Here our focus is on the recently started school or one those aspiring to be in top 10.

Problem with Traditional Marketing techniques

Many schools still follow traditional marketing techniques, like print and TV ads. Sure it has some results, but as we heard from schools, they get more admissions from referral or word of mouth. And if the TV and Print adverts are not so effective and at the same time very expensive. Do schools have to invest at the same level on those? Are there no alternative solutions for this problem?

Here is one of the solution- Social media marketing. In our research, when we saw some of the Facebook pages of school in Hyderabad. We felt that they are either very poorly maintained or non-existent. Having a page or account on social media is not just enough. With Parents becoming more active on social media these days and as every parent aspires, to have their daughter or son in a prestigious school. It’s very important for schools to be active and update parents publicly about school activities. This helps parents in sharing the school updates, and his kids progress to his family and friends. This helps in word of mouth of for schools wonderfully. Imagine if there are 100 parents, who liked your page. For each share from 100 you can reach at average 1000 to 2000 people. Its greater than the reach of traditional marketing approaches.

Our intention of this blog is to highlight the advantage of social media marketing for schools. It’s not just about marketing, but it is also now a right of every parent to get updates of the school on social platforms in this age and time.

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